Casuarinas on the Banks of the Cooks River

Sydney Water has told Marrickville Council to remove 2 Casuarinas (She Oaks) because they need to remove & replace a ruptured water main pipe where the trees are located.  The trees are adjacent to the Cooks River on the eastern side of the Princes Highway Tempe.

Because it is a direction from Sydney Water there is no opportunity for community opposition to the removal of these trees. It is just one of those things that happen & main water pipes have to be repaired.

The trees will be replaced with 2 Norfolk Island Pines (Araucaria heterophylia) which I personally think are far nicer trees than Casuarinas.

Another tree is up for removal at 1 Park Street Marrickville, however there is an Error 404 happening with the link so I can’t provide details as yet. Council has been notified.  The deadline for submissions for that tree is the 23rd July 2010.