Cockatoos are part of what makes Sydney great

I don’t know what is happening to Sydney in regards to native wildlife. First we have the eviction of the flying-foxes from Sydney’s Botanical Gardens given to the go-ahead, now it seems that it’s okay as well to shoot Cockatoos in Broadway.

The National Parks & Wildlife Service have given permission for up to 20 Sulphur Crested cockatoos to be shot.  Why?  Well it’s because the birds are causing damage to the façade of the Sydney Campus Apartments in Broadway.

I say, Shame on you National Parks & Wildlife Service. You should have said no.  Shame on the owner of the Sydney Campus Apartments.  If you change the material on the façade, this will stop. The birds aren’t eating the rest of the buildings all over Sydney.

Thanks to the Inner West Courier for notifying the community about this disgusting, shameful decision. To read the full article –