This is the corner of Marrickville & Illawarra Road. Both these roads could be developed to between 6-9 storeys

The Draft Marrickville Local Environmental Plan (LEP) & the Development Control Plan 2010 are now open to public consultation.

These documents are very important in that once passed, they set what is okay in terms of development, how land can be used, controls for development including height, scale, density, heritage, conservation, parking & biodiversity for Marrickville LGA for the next 25 years. This means, if it has been deemed okay in the new LEP to build a 6 storey high-rise residential unit in your street, any attempts to oppose this development will likely fail.  Great areas across the LGA have been earmarked for high-density high-rise living as the NSW state government has allocated housing increases to local councils that they must meet.  Marrickville LGA has been told to increase its housing & Council are encouraging affordable housing.

From Marrickville Council’s website – The draft South Subregional Strategy contains dwelling targets & employment capacity targets for the south subregion to 2031. The targets contained in the draft South Subregional Strategy are an additional 35,000 dwellings by 2031 & additional 29,000 employment capacity by 2031.

The dwelling target for the Marrickville LGA is an additional 4,150 to 2031. The employment capacity target for the Marrickville LGA is 500 additional jobs to 2031. Marrickville Council is required to plan for these increases within its new comprehensive LEP & consolidated DCP.

The recently approved 3-building 7-storey high-rise residential development at the old Marrickville RSL site was only for 180 units.  This gives a good idea just what 4,150 new dwellings will look like in terms of the visual impact with new high-rise development.  Marrickville LGA will become a very different place in the years ahead & Council are giving us a chance to have a say in how it will look.

Marrickville Council have been quite generous in allowing the community 3 months to comment & shape the LEP. This gives ample time to thoroughly look at it & make comment.

The 2 plans are available to download on the net via Council’s website or you can view hard copies at Marrickville Council Citizen’s Service Centre or at Stanmore, Dulwich Hill, St Peters & Marrickville Libraries. You can email or post your submission or comment online.

The deadline for submissions is 5pm on 4th February 2011.

View from Banana Joes carpark. This building could become 6 storeys as will the whole block bordered by Illawarra & Petersham Roads.