'No Marrickville Metro expansion' signs are all over Marrickville Road shopping strip. Shop owners say Metro destroyed Marrickville & Illawarra Roads shopping strips when it was built. An expansion will cause death to the local strip

Marrickville Chamber of Commerce are holding a march against the proposed Marrickville Metro expansion.  They say if the expansion goes ahead it will destroy Marrickville shopping strip as well as have a negative impact on the local area.

Local Marrickville shops will close their doors from 3.30pm to 4.15pm to participate.

Marrickville Council is strongly against the Metro expansion & the Councillors are unanimous in their opposition saying Metro shouldn’t have been allowed in this site in the first place.

If the Metro expansion goes ahead the negative impact on the community will be huge.  In order to give us the kind of shops like the ones we can access close-by at Roselands, Eastgardens or Broadway shopping malls, the expanded Metro will –

  • destroy local shopping strips in Marrickville & Illawarra Roads, Enmore Road & King Street South
  • create traffic gridlock from 5 million extra vehicle movements a year
  • create local parking problems due to staff cars
  • create more noise & air pollution
  • give us a looming building in a heritage residential area
  • result in the potential loss of 142 beautiful trees (equivalent to a park)

An extra 5 million vehicles a year will be devastating. Our roads are not built to cope with this.  Try driving up Victoria Road towards Enmore on a Friday afternoon. Even at 2.30pm the traffic is gridlocked with many drivers deciding to do a u-turn & try another route. The new Annette Kellerman Pool in Enmore is due to open in December bringing more traffic to the area.

You can access the plan at the NSW Department of Planning website under Major Works – Marrickville Metro Part 3A (MP009_0191).

The March Against Metro Expansion needs as many people from the community to participate to send a loud message to Minister Camel Tebbutt, Minister Anthony Albanese, the Minister for Planning & AMP Capital that shop owners & the community do not want the Metro expansion to be passed. It’s in the community’s interest to keep our shopping strips viable.

WHEN:      Wednesday 17th November 2010

WHERE:    Meet at corner of Victoria & Marrickville Roads Marrickville

TIME:          3.30pm to 4.15pm

You can read more about the Metro expansion here – https://savingourtrees.wordpress.com/2010/08/15/marrickville-metro-expansion/