Looks fun

The Waterplay Park at Steele Park Marrickville South was officially opened today.  As usual, we missed the speeches.  When we arrived Steel Park was buzzing with around 300 people playing in the Waterpark, the new playground, riding the flying fox & picnicking in the shade. There was a long line to the sausage sizzle & we missed out there as well. This is the penalty for arriving late.

The Cooks River & the weather could not have put on a better display today as the afternoon was beautiful with blue skies & warm enough for the kids to get thoroughly soaked.

I love Steele Park because it is one of the few parks in Marrickville LGA where trees are planted throughout the park & not just along central pathways & around the perimeter. There is a special kind of healthy-feel-good coolness that happens when you sit on the grass under the Poplar trees when there is a slight breeze.  The leaves of these trees make a great sound when the wind passes through them.  Then there is the view of the Cooks River, which I think is great from any viewing point.

This rock, part of the Waterplay Park is gorgeous. People were looking at it closely. It is as good as any in the Chinese Gardens at Darling Harbour

The plants put in & around the new swales & the salt-water marsh on National Tree Day are growing well. I will talk about this part of the Steele Park upgrade in another post.

The Waterplay Park is a masterpiece in my opinion.  This is innovative design that has added much to the amenity of Marrickville as well as much beauty.  It looks terrific now. When all the plants & trees have grown, the Waterplay section of Steele Park will look absolutely stunning.

The kids love it from toddlers to teenagers.  I expect the adults will use it on hot days as well.  It’s safe, interesting to look at & explore & set up so adults can watch the kids close enough to help if needed, but far enough away not to get wet.  There are numerous ‘benches’ made of sandstone & cement that have been incorporated into the design.  The trees will provide shade once they have grown.

The new playground section is also terrific with a heap of equipment for the kids to play on. There are swings, things that spin, a net that you climb, even a flying fox that was busy for hours.  Kids only on the flying fox as it won’t take the weight of adults.  It looks like great fun.

The whole set up will teach children about the river & the environment.  I saw many go over & inspect the crabs at low tide & walk around the swales.

There is also a new toilet block with sports change rooms for ‘home’ & ‘away’ teams & a canteen.  Everything looks new & cared for so I hope it manages to stay that way.

The Waterplay Park & playgrounds are well worth a visit.  Marrickville Council has excelled with Steele Park.  It’s creative, innovative, beautiful & environmentally fantastic.   It will only get better as it matures.

Lots of great things happening