This was the Land Use, Assets & Corporate Committee Meeting. It was followed by the Council Meeting.  All Councillors attended. The following is how I understood the meeting & all mistakes are mine.

Sydney Airport Planning Coordination Forum – A resident spoke, said at present there were 100,000 passengers/year, around 30,000 picking up travellers & around 12,000 workers at Sydney Airport. He said there is 1 expensive train service, the equivalent to a one-way trip to Kiama & 1 bus service, so transport will be a huge problem in the future. He wanted a community member to join the Forum.

Clr Phillips said Sydney Airport was about to massively expand the in & out flights so looking at transport was important.  Clr Thanos said he thought the Forum’s Chairperson ex Marrickville Mayor Barry Cotter was the most qualified person to represent the community.  Carried unanimously.

St Peters/Tempe LATM – 2 residents spoke. Issues that were raised were the creation of streets that will be calm & a surrounding ring of roads that will be gridlocked due to increase in traffic due to new IKEA, none of the traffic figures

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include the vehicles of local residents, Station Street & Unwins Bridge Road will be like a car park & if Marrickville Metro expansion goes ahead, these roads will be even worse. This is dangerous as emergency vehicles won’t be able to get through, high CO2 is bad for both the environment & the health of the community & that no traffic measures have been done for Richardsons Crescent as many leaving IKEA will travel this way. One resident thought IKEA has not given Marrickville Council enough money to pay for traffic problems & it will fall onto the ratepayers. They wanted a traffic review 6 monthly.

Clr O’Sullivan was happy to let the LATM go for community consultation, but asked that extra copies of the coloured diagrams be at libraries & available for loan. She noted that there was disagreement among residents & Council needed to support them.  Clr Olive said he supported the closure of Union Street, but could see problems arising with Foreman Street. He said he was unenthusiastic about pedestrian islands. He also put up an amendment to remove the ‘no stopping’ section between Richardsons Crescent & Gannon Street as this would not improve the traffic flow.  Clr Thanos asked that staff assist the community to understand this complicated document & asked for 2 information sessions where the community could talk with staff & get help with the writing of their submissions.  Clr Hanna said not all residents in Union Street want it closed. Carried unanimously.

2 residents spoke against a refuge island at the intersection of Trade, Baltic & St Mary Streets saying it was not needed & would result in the loss of a Frangipani tree that was a great feature of the streetscape. “The island would remove 5 parking spaces, but this is minor in terms of the loss of the tree.” (May I say how great it is to hear residents speak up for the retention of trees).

Clr Phillips moved that this issue be sent back to the Traffic Committee. Crl Olive said he encouraged staff to think of a measure that is perpendicular with traffic & includes sensitive urban design as these islands don’t calm traffic. Carried unanimously.  The rest of the LATM also carried unanimously.

Establishment of an Alcohol Free Zone in Bailey, Goddard & Holt Streets Newtown – Clr Kontellis said that AFZ’s only move the often the most vulnerable people on to another area & that there was only 1 letter of complaint. Clr Wright said in this case the drinkers were backpackers & supported the proposal.  Mayor Byrne said she has voted against AFZ’s previously, but supported this one because it was backpackers. Clr Peters agreed saying it was also drinkers from Sandringham Hotel & had been happening for 4 years.  Passed with only Clr Kontellis against.

Community facilities: Calvert Street public toilet – Clr Macri did not want the upgrade deferred to 2015. Clr O’Sullivan agreed. Clr Tsardoulias put up an amendment that the toilets be upgraded in the 2011 budget. Carried with Clrs Phillips & Thanos voting against.

Activity program to mark Marrickville Council’s 150th anniversary – Clr Tsardoulias put up an amendment that staff investigate doing a re-enactment of a historical Council meeting & move the event to the Alex Trevellian Plaza. Clr Olive put up an amendment to investigate doing something at the old Town Hall.  Clr Byrne said she had concerns with the amendments because of the budget & the weather may ruin an event at the Plaza. Clr Thanos said the community would not like to spend $30-40,000 on a separate event & maybe the 150-year anniversary could be mentioned in other events. Clr Kontellis thought it was worth spending $30-40,000 on a celebration saying we need to show respect to the indigenous community & foreshadowed an addition to the motion that the program work with the local Aboriginal leaders to ensure respect of their culture.

View across the Alexandra Canal Tempe

Clr O’Sullivan put up a foreshadowed motion for Council to work with Marrickville Heritage Society with a view to promoting a fresh look at Marrickville’s history.

Re amendment to go back to the Alex Trevellian Plaza, Clr Hanna said when this happened previously, no-one was interested & it was a waste of money. Clr Macri thought something that promoted the history of Marrickville should be included in Marrickville Matters. Clrs Hanna, Macri, Iskandar, Wright, Tsardoulias & O’Sullivan voting for & Greens voting against. Chair Clr Phillips used his casting vote to defeat the motion.

Motion to investigate doing something at old Town Hall. Clrs Hanna, Iskandar, Wright, Olive, Kontellis & O’Sullivan. Chair Clr Phillips used his casting vote to carry the motion. Motion to involve local Aboriginal community. Carried. Clr Thanos voted against. Motion to involve Marrickville Heritage Society carried. Against Clrs Thanos & Byrne. Motion to take back to Alex Trevellian Plaza carried. Clrs Thanos & Byrne against.

Motion as amended: Investigate doing something at old Town Hall, sensitive to the local Aboriginal community, incorporate Marrickville Heritage Society & take back to the Alex Trevellian Plaza, carried. Clrs Byrne & Thanos against.

Here ends the Land Use, Assets & Corporate Committee Meeting.  Due to the length of the post I will post about the Council Meeting separately.

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