It’s interesting where my research takes me. Yesterday the Reverend Jeffrey Spencer of Niles Congregational Church, United Church of Christ Fremont in the US gave a sermon to his congregation called ‘Choosing Life in the Heat Wave.’

His sermon was about global warming & climate change & is possibly the best, most accessible description of the history & the issues surrounding climate change for human beings I have come across.  Here is a short excerpt –

And it’s worth doing because real danger of climate change boils down to this:  water & food.  As warmer air makes our dry habitats drier, deserts will expand.  Some regions that, with their old climate, got enough water each year not to be deserts, will become deserts.  I think about the dry-land farms in eastern Washington & wonder how much longer they will be able to produce wheat from their rich soils.  As warmer air dumps the greater moisture it holds, regions that used to experience catastrophic floods every one hundred or five hundred years will start experiencing catastrophic floods as the norm.  Mountain glaciers that provided year-round drinking & irrigation water to the plains & valleys below, will shrink & eventually disappear.  How will farmers grow food?  What will people drink?

When a region either has too little or too much water, the people will have to move.  If water shortages get severe enough, they will fight wars over it.

When a region can no longer produce food for people to eat, they will move.  And if food shortages get severe enough, they will fight wars over it.

Climate change will cause starvation.  Climate change will cause mass migrations of people across international borders.  And climate change will almost certainly cause war.  Starvation, mass exoduses, war – these are moral issues.”

You can read Reverend Spencer’s full sermon here.

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