The tree when it died (click to enlarge)

Until recently there was an 8-10 metre Grevillea robusta growing on Railcorp land at the bottom of Gannon Street Tempe & beside the railway line.  It was a landmark tree.

The Grevillea robusta is a favourite tree of mine because they make such a statement.  They are a straight, tall, strong-looking tree.  When they bloom in Spring through summer they are ablaze with masses of large yellow brush-like flowers.  The flowers produce nectar in great quantities making it an important food source for a range of birds & flying foxes.

For years I have looked at this particular tree as I drove past.  During the recent drought it died.  This was a huge loss, not only for its bird-feeding role, but also because there are so few large trees in this area.    In the last week or so, Railcorp has had it chopped down.  That’s good because it would have been dreadful if it fell, but its passing is a loss to Tempe. Now there is a hole to the sky where there once was a glorious tree.  This is being repeated all over the Inner West, not usually due to death, but due to development.

I wrote in detail about the Grevillea robusta tree here –

All that is left on of what was once a landmark tree