These trees will certainly beautify this end of Church Street & help improve air quality being so close to Parramatta Road.

Just one street in to Sydney City Council LGA & suddenly there are new street trees in streets where one is used to not seeing them.  Church Street Camperdown has been planted with street trees along the sections of narrow footpaths proving that it can be done.  While not leaving room for two people to stroll along the footpath in comfort, it is well worth the ‘trouble’ of one walking ahead for a couple of steps when passing the street tree.  There is still room enough for a pram.

Given how fast the Eucalypts are growing outside the Chinese Embassy it should not take too long for these new trees to significantly add green to this section of Church Street which has been brick, bitumen & concrete for as long as I can remember.  I’d really like this kind of street tree planting to happen across Marrickville LGA.

On the opposite side the footpaths are smaller, but still street trees have been planted. They will add green to an area that has been devoid of green for many years.