Losing another large street tree from Dulwich Hill

Marrickville Council has said they intend to remove a Wallangarra White Gum (Eucalyptus scoparia) outside 194 Wardell Road Dulwich Hill.  They give the following reason for removal –

  • “Severe stem decay is causing initial stages of shell buckling in the plane of acute lean over Wardell Road. This presents an unacceptable hazard to the public and property.”

Council says they will replace this tree with another Wallangarra White Gum (Eucalyptus scoparia), but do not indicate when they will do this.

The tree has a huge area of decay in its trunk & leans towards the road.   It’s a shame to lose this tree as it’s big & has a beautiful canopy.  I will not be putting in a submission.  The deadline for submissions is Monday 12th March 2012.

Thank you to Marrickville Council for using sticky tape to attach the Notification of Removal sign to the tree. It is appreciated.

Showing one section of the decay & borer holes on this tree