A great pile of garbage collected today in Tempe Reserve by community volunteers - very satisfying to see.

Something wonderful happened this morning with 20 people answering the call to clean up Tempe Reserve.  A Philippine community group called Triskelion Australia arrived at the same time bringing the numbers to 40 working in this one section of the park.  A further 15 people from Triskelion Australia cleaned up the barbeque area & the playground at the point opposite the airport.  Another person had registered on the Clean Up Australia website & this group was concentrating on cleaning up the basketball court area behind the Robyn Webster Sports Centre.

Our group & Triskelion Australia concentrated on the car park, the promenade walk along the Fig trees, the picnic kiosks & barbeque area, the Cooks River Valley Garden, the other kiosks & really messy areas around them, the footpaths, around the saltwater wetland, plus the Ring of Figs & surrounds.  I have never seen this park so clean.  It was sparkling in the sunshine, which was a great break when we were expecting rain.

This was the first time I have participated in such an event so for me it was interesting to meet & talk with others who were willing to give of their time to clean up the park.  One couple said that they clean up an area of Tempe Reserve every weekend.  Others said they make it a practice to take a garbage bag & fill it when going for walks in local parks or along the Cooks River.  This is a very fine act in my opinion.

Two people showed me the trees & shrubs they had planted in the Cooks River Valley Garden years ago when Marrickville Council was establishing it.  They said it felt great to see how well it is growing.   One little girl was a wonderful help collecting all sorts of rubbish.  She said she felt proud & would be speaking about this at school next week.  I didn’t know what to expect, so it was nice to see the participants stay for a while to chat with others & to note how friendly everyone was.

I wasn’t expecting that we would find drug paraphernalia, but 4 used needles were found, as well as a sharps crusher.

I forgot to count, but would estimate 25 garbage bags of rubbish were collected, plus 1 bread tray & a milk crate.

I thank everyone who came.  I really appreciate your effort & so will the birds & other critters that make Tempe Reserve their home.  This is a beautiful park & many people travel far to come here because of the fabulous location.  Hopefully they will see how clean the park is & make a choice not to make a mess of the place, but use the garbage bins instead.

Thank you also to Marrickville Council who offered support & to the Council staff who removed the garbage bags we filled today.  It was unexpected being a Sunday.

I hope to make Clean Up Tempe Reserve a twice a year event because I have seen for myself just how quickly & how much of a positive visible impact many people can make in 1 hour.  I hope you can join us for the next one, which will be a clean up for spring.

Some of the members of community group Triskelion Australia who helped clean up Tempe Reserve today.

The car park was left in a pristine condition. This place is generally chock-full of litter.

The second group of Triskelion Australia who cleaned up the playground & barbeque areas at the point of Tempe Reserve