Marrickville Council has said they intend to remove 2 Tulip trees (Liriodendron tulipifera) from outside 318 Marrickville Road Marrickville. They give the following reason –

  • “Civil works are required to upgrade the stormwater system, which incorporates construction of a large diameter pipe to alleviate flooding, & repair of the adjacent footpath. The removal of both street trees is necessary to facilitate the infrastructure improvement works.”

Council has said they will replace these with 2 other Tulip trees, but don’t say when they will do this.

It’s a shame because this is at the leafy end of the shopping strip & the trees are tall & healthy.  I am glad they will be replaced.  The deadline for any comment is Monday 12th March 2012.  I will not be putting in a submission.

2 very tall Tulip trees up for removal in Marrickville Road Marrickville