Most of you will know that the Cooks River flooded yesterday morning.  Unfortunately I don’t have a photo to share, but the really large floating carpet of plastic bottles & other garbage at the harbour at Tempe Reserve was truly shocking, especially as most of the park was left sparkling clean from last Sunday’s community clean up event.

I suspect these bottles came from our stormwater drains which collect litter dropped in the streets.  The Cooks River Catchment areas reaches even as far away as Newtown.  There is no stormwater collection boom here at Tempe so this floating garbage will probably be taken by the tide throughout the river system until it is either trapped or sinks.

Earlier this year I was caught in Tempe Reserve during a storm & had the pleasure of watching stormwater carry masses of litter from the Ring of Figs & the area around the picnic kiosks down the hill & into the Cooks River.  What litter is dropped in the park just needs rain or strong wind to make it part of the ecosystem of the river.  The rubbish literally floated down to the river.  Knowing this we should all do our best not to drop litter because more than likely it is going to end up polluting the Cooks River & affecting the wildlife.

The Balmain Village Voice published 20 great photos of the Cooks River flooding of Steel Park, Illawarra Road & Wharf Road Marrickville South yesterday.  See –

The Cooks River at Marrickville South taken about 1pm yesterday looking very brown & running as fast as I've ever seen it. This is looking east towards Tempe.

The Cooks River at Marrickville South looking towards Dulwich Hill, again taken at about 1pm yesterday.

Mahoney Reserve still was quite flooded at 1pm

The graffiti wall at Mahoney Reserve - again taken at about 1pm. The newspaper photos at the link show the water level much higher against this wall.