I came across this video today posted by Australia’s Veteran Tree Group of a mighty Oak tree in Calke National Nature Reserve South Derbyshire UK.  The tree is the oldest Oak tree in Calke Park & is estimated to be between 700-1,000 years old.

From the video description, “… this oak contains some of the rarest saproxylic habitat in Europe.”  I had to look this word up. Saproxylic refers to a lifestyle within rotting wood or deadwood habitat, something that we don’t have much of in Marrickville LGA.

The tree itself is quite amazing & very beautiful.  It is surrounded by a fence to protect the roots & even this has had a paling removed to allow a branch free movement.  The other trees near the Oak are also quite wonderful.  Listening to the voice describing the tree is great because you hear the excitement, awe & respect for this tree.  Well worth watching at less than 5-minutes.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_x7UHPOE7I&feature=share

It’s also worth going to the Woodland Trust’s webpage to see photos of the Old Man of Calke taken during the summer months when he is all green & leafy.  http://frontpage.woodland-trust.org.uk/ancient-tree-forum/atfnews/news04/calkename.htm