I have decided to add another topic to this blog – ‘Postcard from elsewhere.’

Often enough people tell me about a street or park tree or something similar either in Australia or overseas that they think would interest me.  Sometimes I’ve been lucky enough to be shown a photo.  I thought it would be nice to have a section where a photo or two of really unusual trees or localities could be posted here.  If information can be found out about the tree or location, I will write about it, kind of like the recent post on The Roof Gardens in London.

Verge gardens, green roofs, green walls & any other urban environmental initiative interests me.  There is a lot happening out there that challenges the local paradigm & your photo may inspire others, including Marrickville Council to do something similar.

So if you find yourself on the streets of Paris looking at an old street tree that has a branch being held up by a pole, in the Sahara Desert beside the only tree for hundreds of kilometers or in Kakadu looking at a truly amazing tree & you think you would like to share here, email me a photo with some brief information.  You also need to tell me whether you want me to credit you as the photographer or if you want to remain anonymous.

I’ll start Postcard from Elsewhere off with a photo of a gorgeous old tree in Brisbane’s Old Botanical Gardens taken by Bob Corbett who said, Some city councils like to chop down trees, others like to support them… Just saying.”

Brisbane City Council has protected a very long branch by supporting it with two purpose-made structures & surrounding it with a non-intrusive fence.  It proves that branches from old trees do not need to be removed.  It’s entirely a matter of choice by the Council.  Brisbane City Council did something fabulous here & with a side-growing branch no less.

This is not only great for the tree, but it also teaches people in a subtle way about the value of trees & to care for & respect them. Photo by Bob Corbett with thanks.