The Woodland Trust has achieved its tree planting initiative for the community to plant 1-million trees across the UK in February 2012 to celebrate & mark the Diamond Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth.  The Woodland Trust plans for the community to plant 6-million trees overall.  The community tree planting will be creating hundreds of new woodlands called Jubilee Woods.  60 Diamond Woods will also be created.

Back in 1936 the community planted trees to mark the coronation of King George VI.  What species of tree, where it was planted & who planted it was documented in a book called the Royal Record of King George VI’s Coronation.  This book has been put online for the Jubilee Woods Project, allowing anyone to search the records to see if trees planted back then are still alive.

I would love to have something like this happening for any reason in NSW & other states.  It would have to be a bigger tree-planting target because of the vast size of Australia.  It’s very inspiring & a brilliant way to teach people of the value of trees as well as mark an important occasion in a country’s history. See –

The Cooks River Valley Garden in 2009.