More than 50 heritage Oak trees are proposed to be removed along one side of King George V Avenue in Tamworth. Photo by Facebook group 'Save King George V Avenue in Tamworth NSW' with thanks.

The Tamworth community is campaigning against a DA that will require the removal of 50 English Oak trees that line King George V Avenue so that the pubic road can be widened for the Peel River Estate, a proposed 500-house residential development at Calala. On 28th February 2012 Tamworth Councillors unanimously approved a draft plan to chop down these trees. 10 old River red gums aged at least 200-years-old will also be removed.

An aerial shot of King George V Avenue. Photo by Facebook group 'Save King George V Avenue in Tamworth NSW' with thanks.

A petition of more than 7,000 signatures against the removal of these trees was tabled & 200 plus submissions to Tamworth Regional Council were received from the community.

The DA is on public exhibition while a traffic study, a revised concept plan & development controls is being prepared.

The community planted these trees in 1936 as a memorial to King George V & they form the longest continuous canopy of English Oak trees in Australia.  As such they have heritage value to both the people of Tamworth & of Australia.  I find it very sad that the removal of these trees is even being considered.

The community want Tamworth Regional Council to recognise the historical & cultural importance of King George V Avenue to the Tamworth community by:- 

1.    listing the 76 year old English oak tree avenue as a heritage item on the Local Environment Plan

2.    putting into practice the recommended procedures for the care & management of the trees

3.    abandoning all proposals to remove any of the trees & the widening of the road

4.    using the alternative route for access to Calala & upgrading Calala Lane.”

You can help the community in their campaign to save these trees by signing their petition here –