There was no Council Meeting tonight because there wasn’t a quorum.  The Councillors who attended were the Greens – Clrs Olive, Peters, Phillips, Kontellis & Byrne as well as Independent Clr Thanos.

I was told Independents Mayor Hanna & Clr Macri as well as Labor – Clrs Iskandar, Tsardoulias & O’Sullivan left.  I was also told that Clr Wright had said she would not be attending the meeting earlier today.

General Manager: We need 7 Councillors to have a quorum. We only have 6 Councillors. We have to wait for half an hour before we cancel the meeting.

Someone from the Gallery asked if there would be any ramifications for the Councillors who did not attend.  The GM said he couldn’t speak about this because he hasn’t been given a reason for the Councillors’ absences.  Another person said that absent Councillors were down in the foyer 20 minutes ago.

At 7pm the GM adjourned the meeting & the Councillors debated when the next meeting would be held to deal with tonight’s agenda.   They initially adjourned the meeting until 17th April 2012, the next Council Meeting. However, after some discussion, they decided to hold this meeting at the conclusion of the Development Assessment Committee Meeting next Tuesday 10th April 2012.  The GM apologised to all the residents who came to speak at tonight’s meeting as he could not say what time the adjourned Council meeting will start next Tuesday. Here ends the Report for this week.

This photo is taken from the car park above Banana Joes Supermarket on Illawarra Road Marrickville. It allows you to see the poor canopy looking east.