This week’s Postcard from Elsewhere comes from local resident Evan Sullivan who is currently spending some time in Khobar, Saudi Arabia.   The city of Khobar, also known as al-Khobar or al-Khubar, is on the on the east coast of the Persian Gulf.  As you can see from the photographs below, Khobar is a very different landscape to Sydney.

Knowing nothing about Khobar I did a Google search.  This information website covered  life in Khobar for the expat & was very interesting.  “One point to look for when choosing your accommodation is covered parking; as the inside of a car can reach 70ºC making touching the steering impossible without first removing your socks to use as gloves.  Under normal circumstances you will not see anything that will poison you or attempt to eat you, however a trip into the desert will find scorpions, snakes & camel spiders.” See –

This video gives a good tour of the city. It’s been produced in fast speed, which takes a little adjusting to, however it does give a fine snapshot of Khobar, ending at the Persian Gulf for sunrise.  One thing that was very noticeable to me was the sand & the street trees. There are masses of palms along the streets with many planted as road dividers. Also another type of tree is planted as street trees & pruned into shape, which must be a lot of work for the city to maintain.  See – Saudi Arabia – Alkhobar City Tour + Sunrise –

This photo shows one of the public gardens in our compound of just over one thousand residents. Photo by Evan Sullivan with thanks.

Showing a lane divider of date palms in Khobar Saudi Arabia. Photo by Evan Sullivan with thanks.

Showing the over topiaried ficus with the compound wall beyond. As the trees grow I do hope they will let them spread naturally & not cut them to shape. Photo by Evan Sullivan with thanks.