Lovely mosaic on Marrickville Road

Shocking floating carpet of plastic bottles on the Cooks River at Tempe photographed on 9 March 2012 when the Cooks River flooded. Because of the location where the photo was taken, you cannot see just how massive this carpet actually was. Photo taken by Valentina Mickovska with thanks.

“Australians consume drinks in over 12 billion containers a year.  Only half of these are recycled, mostly collected via kerbside & much less, away from home (food halls, events, public spaces).   The other half are littered or landfilled representing a big waste of resources. A CDS (Container Deposit Scheme) has been proven worldwide to be the best way to increase collection & recycling.  South Australia has had a CDS for over 30 years & now the Northern Territory will have one in 2011.  It would increase recovery to 80% – over 4 billion extra containers a year.”  ~ Boomerang Alliance 

Plastic & other garbage in a stormwater collection area at Mackey Park

We all know that litter in the Cooks River is a massive problem that is impacting on the health of the river & the wildlife that live here.

Local community group the Cooks River Valley Association (CRVA), along with the Total Environment Centre are doing something about this problem.  They have organized a great event to highlight the litter along the Cooks River & also to lobby the Environment Ministers to support a nationwide packaging regulation.  The regulation will include a Container Deposit Scheme that gives a 10-cent refund on each returned drink bottle & aluminum  can.  The Environment Ministers will be making a decision about the regulation in June 2012 so now is the time to tell them what we want.

The Ca$h-for-Containers event is supported by both Marrickville Council & the City of Canterbury Council & will be held on –

  • Saturday 28th April 2012
  • 11am – 2pm
  • Steel Park, Illawarra Road Marrickville South

Activities include –

  • World’s Biggest Coke Float
  • Bev the Bottle
  • Put a message in a bottle for the Environment Ministers
  • Information & petitions to sign
  • Free food & drink – you will need to bring your own reusable cup & plate.
  • Prizes for the best model plastic bottle boats. CRVA are asking that you make one at home & bring it along on the day.
  • Please start collecting plastic & aluminum beverage bottles & cans & bring them along to the Cooks River Demonstration Recycling Depot at Steel Park to collect your 10-cent cash refunds to experience how the Container Deposit Scheme will work. Let’s create a Cooks Mountain of bottles!

Containers collected at this event & other events, as well as the best of the model plastic bottle boats, will be taken to Canberra for a rally at Parliament House on 23 May 2012. The boats will be sailed on Lake Burley Griffin or on the lawn of Parliament House.

You can find out more about the Container Deposit Scheme at the Boomerang Alliance website here – You can send an e-letter to Tony Burke, Minister for the Environment here –

You can also watch this fabulous video talking about the campaign & showing our Cooks River & the plastic bottle pollution here –

If you are interested in helping prepare & promote this event as well as helping on the day please contact Judy –  0414 910 816

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