4 of 7 Eucalypts presumably planted to provide shade for the picnic kiosk area in Tempe Reserve

A couple of years ago Marrickville Council planted 7 Eucalypts close to the picnic kiosks in the western side of Tempe Reserve.  They were small when they were planted & they have hardly grown relying on whatever rainwater they receive.  On Saturday 7th April one of 4 trees left had half its small canopy removed so that the leaves could be artistically tucked into the steel cage put to protect the tree.  This was repeated again with the remaining foliage on Easter Monday, except this time they went a little further & removed the cage from the ground.  Not satisfied, someone else picked up the cage & relocated it to the Ring of Figs.

It takes years for trees to grow & be useful to people who specifically decide to go to a park to because it is a park.   If we destroy the very essence of a park, trees, we would be left with nothing. What a senseless act of destruction.

The tree didn't have many leaves


The cage's final resting place about 40-50 metres away. Perhaps it was deemed in the way of car parking in the picnic kiosk area.