The heritage Oak trees along one side of King George V Avenue in Tamworth will now be saved after a decision by Tamworth Regional Council to listen to community opposition to remove these trees for a Development Application.  Photo by Facebook group ‘Save King George V Avenue in Tamworth NSW’ with thanks.

Last March 2012 I wrote about the beautiful, historic row of English Oak trees along King George V Avenue in Tamworth that were to be chopped down for development.

A DA that will require the removal of 50 English Oak trees that line King George V Avenue so that the pubic road can be widened for the Peel River Estate, a proposed 500-house residential development at Calala. On 28th February 2012 Tamworth Councillors unanimously approved a draft plan to chop down these trees. 10 old River red gums aged at least 200-years-old will also be removed.”  See

An aerial shot of King George V Avenue. Photo by Facebook group ‘Save King George V Avenue in Tamworth NSW’ with thanks.

Well, I have excellent news for you. After massive lobbying by the community, Tamworth Regional Council has decided not to allow the removal of these heritage trees.  Their business papers for the upcoming Council Meeting on Tuesday 8th May 2012 says –

“……. the proposed link road to the CBD via King George V Avenue has generated an unprecedented level of community interest & debate as demonstrated by the many submissions & numerous petitions totalling 12000 plus signatures.

The single issue that has generated the most concern is the potential link road from Peel River Estate across the floodplain, particularly the proposed removal of 47 oak trees in King George V Avenue to facilitate widening of the Avenue.

One of the matters for consideration in assessing any development proposal is the ‘public interest’. In this regard, given the widespread community opposition to the removal of the English Oak trees from King George V Avenue, it is recommended that the current link road proposal not be supported.

In addition to the resolution of access issues pertaining to the Estate, the community has requested that Council investigate the heritage significance of the English Oak trees & consider listing them as heritage items in the Tamworth Regional Local Environmental Plan 2010. 

….. it is considered that a Management Plan which integrates a formal heritage assessment of significance with a series of management recommendations would be warranted & of assistance.”

Well done & thank you Tamworth Regional Council.  It is great that you listened to the people & did not push this aspect of the DA through regardless of community opposition.   There will be many people who will be extremely happy with your decision.  Thank you also to the Save King George V Avenue in Tamworth NSW community group & others who campaigned to save these trees & to everyone who signed the petition & made this happen.  People power does work.