London has 4.4-million trees calculated to be worth $1.5-billion. The trees remove $4.5-million pollution annually, provide $1.7-million in energy savings & provide $10.3-million annual value from reducing greenhouse gases – a whopping 48,500 tonnes of CO2.  London’s trees work hard.

“About 87% of all London trees are in parks, natural areas & low-density residential areas.  78% are in good to excellent condition, 11% are poor to fair, 11% are dead. The three most common species in London are buckthorn, eastern white cedar & sugar maple.  There are 126 species, about 50% of which are native to Ontario. Three leafiest species are Norway maple, sugar maple & black walnut. At chest height, 77.5% of London trees are less than 15 cm (six inches) in diameter. London’s trees can be considered a carbon bank, storing 360,000 tonnes of carbon. See –

Many of the street trees in Despointes Street Marrickville were pruned recently & are a shadow of their former selves.