This is a 10 cm high pile of streamers mixed with fishing line & a balloon collected by                        2 people over 30 minutes at Tempe Reserve this afternoon.

Sometime this weekend someone must have been celebrating something & brought others to share their happiness.  Unfortunately they left a potentially dangerous mess behind.  It took 2 people 30-minutes to collect string, streamers & fishing line from around one kiosk & I am not sure we got it all.

The outcome of bringing things like string, nylon, fishing line, balloons & streamers to a park & leaving them there is far too often, gross pain & suffering for birds – often for many months.  Death may in fact be easier for them.  Heaven knows what happens to those that live in the river when this litter makes its way to the water.  All it takes for that to happen is a stiff wind or some rain.

I am sick of being witness to this suffering of our supposedly protected wildlife, especially as it is totally preventable.   All that is needed is for Marrickville Council to step in & send a Ranger down on weekends & public holidays to educate people & fine them if necessary.  A few educational signs with an image of a bird injured by fishing line would not go astray either.  Neither would an LGA-wide educational campaign using Council’s resources (like rate notices, libraries, Marrickville Matters etc) to tackle littering.

I do not understand why Marrickville Council cannot have staff trained to help wildlife or at the very least, call in a consultant who can.  All the birds have to help them is volunteers from the community wildlife organizations & they are stretched to the limit with a workload that covers the whole of Sydney – or people like us, doing their best.  It’s not good enough.  If Council won’t do anything to catch the birds to get help for them, then they should be doing all they can to prevent this kind of thing happening to the wildlife as a priority.

Do you remember me posting a photo about a poor wounded Ibis in Tempe Reserve? The photo I posted is below.  The first time we saw him fishing line shackled both his legs. Then somehow he managed to break one leg free. He hasn’t been around much & we thought he had died. Today he returned missing 3 toes & still with fishing line as tight as it can be around his ankle. If he is not caught, he will either die or lose his whole foot – or what’s left of it. He shakes with the pain.  Not being trained, we have not been able to successfully catch him.

This is the same Ibis as the close-up of the fishing line injury & amputated toes above, though this photo was taken January 2012.