These trees will look terrific once grown & add much needed greenery as well as a food source for wildlife

I love posting about good news & today I have just that.  Last October 2011 I posted about the stupid vandalism of 3 new Gordonias in a row of 10 street trees that Marrickville Council had planted on the Richardsons Crescent crest that goes over the railway line between Marrickville & Tempe. Another tree was pulled out a week or two after I posted. See –

The good news is that Marrickville Council have replaced all 4 trees & added another one for good measure.  Thankfully, Gordonias are slow growing & Council used trees that are pretty much the same size as the older Gordonias, so the line of trees will grow together & not look hotch-potch.

This area needed street trees.  Once these trees grow, this section will look lovely, especially when they are in flower.  Flowers like large fried eggs sitting sunny-side up on the grass will give a cheery sight for people stuck in traffic here.  These trees are also good for nectar-eating birds, bats & bees.  Thank you to Marrickville Council.  A lot of people will be happy about this work.

They will also be visible from around the area