Google map of Marrickville Golf Course & Mahoney Reserve. Compare this map with the map below of Kogarah Golf Course & it is easy to see that Kogarah Golf Course has a far greater number of trees.  There are many opportunities for Marrickville Council to improve biodiversity at Marrickville Golf Course without reducing it to a 9-hole course.

Marrickville Council has released its Recreation Needs Research Strategy for public comment.  Only 1.27% of the Marrickville LGA population participated in the community consultation opportunities. The results are now up on ‘Your Say Marrickville’ & the community is being asked to comment.

Most popular comments at the time of reading is the call for more off-leash areas for dog walking with many people very concerned by Council’s proposal to reduce the 18-hole Marrickville Golf Course to 9-holes. Marrickville Council say they want to do this to make more playing fields next to Mahoney Reserve & use the freed up land to create a biodiversity corridor along the Cooks River.

I do not believe that reducing the golf course to 9 holes is the right thing to do & I do not play golf. Golf courses are hotspots for biodiversity traditionally being a large space of green usually with much landscaping & lots of large trees. Council should be planting many more trees & shrubs along the fairways, the escarpment & along the river as this will increase habitat & biodiversity.

One of the comments said the Marrickville Golf Club had a membership of 600 & they will have many more guests using the club as well.  This is not a small usage in my opinion.  Plenty of people other than golfers use the golf course.  There are the many people who walk through the golf course as well as along the river with or without dogs.  The Club has always willingly shared the space with the community.

The golf course is one of the best places for bird watching in the whole LGA & has a huge variety of birds.  The Marrickville Mudcrabs also has a remnant bush site here that they look after.   The club acts as a club where you can eat & get a drink. They have seasons of Sunday Jazz open to everyone & all sorts of functions are held here.

Marrickville has a great golf course that offers a great deal & is an asset to the community.  It should be improved, not reduced in size & certainly not for playing fields as these will actually significantly decrease the biodiversity potential of the site.  It doesn’t make sense to do this.

Sporting clubs are a wonderful vital asset, however there are many in the community who don’t like that they only have limited use of parks because of use by sporting clubs.  I would hate to see yet another facility reduced in size.

The aim to improve biodiversity at the golf course can easily be achieved by clever design ideas that do not require the reduction of the golf course to 9-holes. You can look at Kogarah Golf Course to easily see the difference in the amount of tree & shrub planting & landscaping.

Marrickville Council also wants to review the requirement for 2 croquet clubs in the LGA. Once again Council is looking at removing facilities.  Council should be letting people know about the facilities & encouraging them to use them.  Who knew there would be such an upswing in what appeared to be the dying sport of lawn bowls.

You can download the Recreation Needs Research Strategy & leave comments online here –

Council offers a summary of the Recreation Needs Research Strategy , but this doesn’t discuss the finer points such as decreasing the golf course to 9-holes & other quite major things.  I will write more about the other issues of interest over another couple of posts.

Google map of Kogarah Golf Course showing an abundance of trees.