12 new trees on top of the new street trees planted by Marrickville Council in 2011 will do a lot to help soften & beautify this landscape

There has been some great collaborative work done between Marrickville Council & local community group The Phillip & Gladstone Street Pride Group.  Marrickville Council has, on the request of the group, created 12 new tree pits & verge gardens on Phillip & Gladstone Streets in Enmore. Apparently there was a lot of concrete & rubble once the surface of bitumen had been removed & some of the pits needed quite a lot of work to clear them.

Council had originally planned to plant Water Gums along here, but apparently don’t have any in stock so may be planting Banksias. The decision isn’t final as the residents have asked for Blueberry Ash trees to be planted instead.

Apart from the 12 new verge gardens Marrickville Council has extended a number of other verges, including those around the 3 trees next to the new mural on the Alfalfa House building.  The Phillip & Gladstone Street Pride Group will manage these as well as the other verge gardens.

12 new trees are planned for Phillip Street & verge gardens are being created around existing street trees. This will do a lot to soften the landscape.

Council is also contacting Railcorp on behalf of the group to request that a structure to create a green wall be allowed to be installed along the awful brick wall that runs along the railway line. If Railcorp say yes, & I can’t see why they shouldn’t as any structure would not damage their wall, then it will do much to make this area look softer & green.  The wall is painted an ugly brown & is a magnet for taggers.

City of Sydney Council have many green walls along rail lines & along major roads showing that they are easy to install & grow well with out the need for much maintenance.  A green wall is something the group could maintain quite easily, especially with soft vines & it would make a tremendous & positive difference to the streetscape benefiting the local community. It would be a good advertisement for Railcorp’s relations with the community as well.

Showing the work already done by the residents outside the unit block.

The owner of the unit block on the corner of Phillip & Charles Street met with the group & kindly agreed to remove the concrete on the Phillips Street side of the building.  The group has already planted out this garden & intends to remove the graffiti tagging on the wall as well.

Council helped further by creating a verge garden outside this building on Phillip Street & will plant a street tree. This will in time soften the building, which is a prominent feature in the street.  Both the trees & the gardens will benefit the owner by increasing the value of his property.

Last week the Phillip & Gladstone Street Pride Group contacted me with very good news – Marrickville Council awarded them a grant of $500 to help pay for the plants for their verge gardens.

Congratulations to the residents who have worked hard here & thanks to Marrickville Council for supporting such a great community initiative with money, machinery, advice, new trees & new verge gardens. Hopefully the positive collaboration between residents & Marrickville Council will encourage other such groups to get established across Marrickville LGA.

A new garden, new verge & new street tree will make a big difference here

Marrickville Council extended all of the verges around the new street trees planted in 2011.