Beautiful veteran Fig tree in Tempe – this has to be one of the oldest trees in Marrickville LGA

“A community should see itself in the same way as its trees.  If trees are dying the town is dying.  Planting trees symbolizes a community that is alive, prosperous & growing.” ~ Mayor Arnold Leak – City of Valley, Alabama, USA (comparable to Marrickville LGA at an area of 25 square kms).

This is a fantastic video produced in June 2012 by Community Foresters in Alabama. They made this video to answer the one question they are repeatedly asked – why trees?

The video discusses in detail the benefits of trees & in particular the urban forest.  A significant section of the video outlines the benefits of trees to business owners & covers more reasons why shopping strips benefit financially from leafy tree cover than I have yet come across in my research.

The video also shows why an increased urban forest canopy in Marrickville LGA would make life nicer, healthier, cheaper & overall improve our quality of life.  I believe the urban forest is something we cannot afford to ignore if we want to have a better lifestyle & provide one for our children. This is aside from considering the needs of urban wildlife.

“… because the benefits of trees are passive & accumulate slowly, they are unacknowledged until they are missing.”

It is nice viewing because it is drawn, while a voiceover provides all the latest research about the benefits of trees. Don’t be daunted by the 11-minute length, it is well worth watching. –

The Eucalypts outside Dulwich Hill Library are a wonderful community asset & add much to the streetscape.