Showing the bush pocket created on Meeks Road

It’s hard to understand why this area was cleared.

Unfortunately, here is another sad post.  What you are looking at is a series of before & after photos of Meeks Road in Marrickville.

3.5-years-ago members of the community group Bush Pockets planted this area with native trees & shrubs to create useful habitat for wildlife, to screen the railway line & to add beauty to the streetscape.  They were very successful & there would be few people who walk, ride or drive past this area without enjoying the beauty that they created.  It is not an exaggeration to say that it is rare to have such a nice streetscape in Marrickville.

On 21st June 2012 Marrickville Council came & removed it all – even though this was a Council sanctioned verge project.  Council then said they made a mistake.  I would not be the only person who is questioning how such a mistake could be made.

This is a devastating loss, not only to the people who worked hard to create this, but also to the rest of the community.  The wildlife didn’t fare well either as they have lost yet more habitat.

The only good thing is that Council says they will replant the street.  Let’s hope they do it this year.

Another view of what was once a beautiful landscape

Another look at what remains. Thanks to the Marrickville Bush Pocket community for the photos.