Recycling bins at Changi Airport

Local resident Tina sent me some photos that she took of recycling bins at Changi Airport in Singapore.

Very clear message

The bins were designed by a Singapore company called ‘Chemistry’ who say on their website, … rather than stating the amount of paper recycled at the airport in terms of Kilograms, Chemistry worked with the National Environment Agency to translate these figures into the equivalent of trees saved!  This was part of the original concept to create a positive & tangible experience around the benefits of recycling, with the aim of getting people to recycle even more.”  –

I think the bins look great. You can’t miss them. You can’t misunderstand them & the information displayed saying how many trees get saved is much easier for people to conceptualize than a measurement in tons.

‘Changi Airport saves 1,832 trees’ does have a positive impact.  Litter in Marrickville LGA is a constant complaint.  We could use this concept here to encourage people to deal with their litter correctly & feel that they have done something meaningful.

Big newspaper-like information means that it is read quickly