Golden Robinia to be removed in Beauchamp Street 

Marrickville Council has given notice that they intend to remove a Golden Robinia (Robinia pseudoacacia ‘frisia’) outside 23 Beauchamp Street, Marrickville.

They give the following reason for removal –

  • “A tree assessment has identified an active shear split between the tree’s codominant stem unions extending above the roadside.  The tree poses an unacceptable hazard to the public.”

Council says they will replace this tree with another Golden Robinia (Robinia pseudoacacia ‘frisia’) during the 2012-2013 replacement tree planting program.

The deadline for any submissions is Friday 13th July 2012.

Arborism 101:  1. shear split  2. codominant stem.

1. Shear cracks, a type of vertical crack, become hazardous when they go completely through the stem & separate the stem into two halves. As the tree bends & sways in the wind, one half of the stem slides over the other, elongating the crack. Eventually the enlarging crack causes the two halves of the stem to shear apart. A shear crack always has a high risk of failure.”

2. The term “codominant stems” is used to describe 2 or more main stems (or “leaders”) that are about the same diameter & emerge from the same location on the main trunk.  As the tree grows older, the stems remain similar in size without any single one becoming dominant.  Codominant stems tend to fail much more often than others, especially in storms.”

Close up of the sheer split