I found this Maiden Hair fern growing wild during a walk through Wolli Creek recently. They like shady moist areas & can be grown in pots as well as in the garden. They are also included in the list of plants native to this area.

Recently I was sent a web-link to this great document from Marrickville Council.  It is a 2-page pamphlet called the ‘Native plants of the Cooks River Valley’ & it is good.

It documents ferns, grasses, trees, shrubs, climbers, trailers & ground covers, all with their botanical name as well as their common name.

An excerpt – “The plants listed in this leaflet have been recorded as being native to the Cooks River Valley or similar plant communities nearby & are used in the restoration of bushland within the local area. The list is a sample of the total number of plants that have been recorded in this area.”

Why use native plants?

  • Native animals, especially birds, like them because they offer food & nesting opportunities.
  • They have adapted to the Australian climate & soil conditions & grow more readily that most exotics.
  • Many have spectacular flowers & other features to rival exotic species.”

While I am not against the use of exotics or plants & trees not local to the area, it is always beneficial to the local wildlife to plant with them in mind.  Natives are often very beautiful with either wow-factor flowers like the Banksia or delicate like the Native Indigo or the Native Fuchsia.  Many are excellent choices for verge gardens, if you want to plant something other than vegetables – or even do both.

Our local nurseries stock a range of natives indigenous to this area & from my experience, will get in any plant that you want if they can source it.

I recommend downloading this pamphlet.  I think it is an excellent & very useful resource & best of all, it is free. http://bit.ly/N7I3Jn

Just one flower from a fantastic Banksia tree that is literally covered in bright gold candles.  It is growing in a front garden in Dulwich Hill. The owner said this was an easy tree to grow, looked after itself, flowered often & was often full of feeding birds.