Google Street View image of one small section of Addison Road Marrickville.

Residents are hoping that Marrickville Council plant street trees & add planter boxes where trees are unsuitable because of infrastructure & shop awnings along the eastern end of traffic-heavy Addison Road Marrickville.  See –

I know the City of Sydney Council have more money available to improve their streetscapes than does Marrickville Council, but for comparison & to show that it is both realistic & achievable, here is their latest example of improving life for residents & businesses in their LGA.  It is part of their Greening Sydney Plan instigated by the Council, not a campaign/request from the residents.

They are going to transform one of their busiest roads, Cleveland Street into a ‘living green boulevard.’  Sydney Council is doing this to encourage more people to shop & eat at the restaurants along Cleveland Street because they know a leafy outlook attracts shoppers. They are also greening the street for the health of pedestrians, residents & businesses.

The Council plans to “improve the strip with better lighting, new trees, garden beds & green walls, new street furniture & wider footpaths” as well as plant a hedge of more than 900 plants to create an “attractive, leafy buffer between shops, residents, pedestrians & road users.  

Planting of the fragrant Murraya paniculata hedge – or mock orange – on the northern side of Cleveland Street is now complete from Bourke Street to High Holborn Street, & planting is already halfway complete on the opposite side of the road.”

The shopkeepers along Cleveland Street say that the greening of the street has already made a big difference to their businesses.

To read about what is happening on Cleveland Street see –  If you are interested in the City of Sydney’s Green Sydney Plan see –

Not Cleveland Street as I don’t have a photo. Instead Sussex Street Sydney as a comparison.