Not the Amazon – this lovely tree grows in Camperdown Park.

I was recently told about a search engine that helps save trees. That’s got to be a good thing to do from the ease of your computer.

It is called Ecosia & works just like any other search engine with one major difference – at least 80% of the income they make from people clicking on sponsored links during a search goes to support the World Wildlife Fund’s work protecting the Amazon Rainforest, commonly regarded as the ‘lungs of Planet Earth.’

Some quick & shocking facts –

  • Half of the Amazon Rainforest has vanished over the last 50-years.
  • Every year an area larger than the United Kingdom is chopped down or burnt to the ground.
  • Every day 86,000 hectares, an area equivalent to New York City is destroyed.
  • 1 hectare, equal to two football fields is destroyed per second.
  • The equivalent of 30 soccer fields is destroyed every minute.
  • Scientists have estimated that an average of 137 species are driven into extinction every day – about 50,000 species each year.
  • The deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest results in 20% of all CO2 emissions.

You can watch a very short video explaining how Ecosia works here –