Marrickville Council said – Council regretfully identified the need to remove the public tree identified below.”

  • A Chinese Tallow-wood (Sapium sebiferum) opposite 72 Salisbury Road Stanmore.

The tree was recently struck by passing truck, which caused a 2 metre split in the main trunk. The remaining tree had structural damaged & was compromised beyond retention.”

Due to the location of a service pit, Council will replace the tree with 2 new plantings on the corner of Salisbury Road & Bridge Road Stanmore during 2012-2013 planting season.”

I thank Council for notifying the community & am pleased they will be replacing one tree with two.

It was one of the 3 trees on the right.  NOTE:  30th July 2012 – I drove past & saw all 3 trees standing.  The tree that was removed is out of view to the right.  Photo below.

This is the tree that was removed. It was outside the Stanmore Kindergarten.