Vandalism by one group means no more trees for everyone else.

You can see that this area needed the trees Council planted. They would have been excellent once they had grown greatly improving the amenity of the picnic area.

Marrickville Council appears to have chosen defeat regarding the recent tree vandalism next to the picnic kiosks on the western side of Tempe Reserve.  Where there were once 7 Gum trees growing in cages that were to provide beauty & shade for the people using the barbeque/picnic area, now there are only 4 trees left.

A row of black beside the kiosks

Council have removed the remaining tree cages & covered the growing area with lawn grass.  It’s a shame that because of a few people, the rest of the community cannot have trees here.

I understand why Council would do this because for them it must be disheartening to repeatedly have their work destroyed. After a while you would just give up.

From my observations the vandalism seemed to come from one group of people who use this area regularly & who let their children do as they please.  Perhaps signs on the tree cages may have prompted the parents to recognize that their children were misbehaving & stop them.  Of course, the presence of Rangers would also go a long way to preventing this kind of stuff from happening.

What is great to see is that a bollard has been placed at each entrance to the Cooks River Valley Garden to prevent vehicles driving along the pedestrian footpath.  The path is not wide enough for cars, yet people still drove through & have created much damage to this area.

5 cars in shot. 7 on the day

This is a relatively new phenomenon, so it is great to see Marrickville Council take action to stop it.  I’d like them to go a step further & block the entrances to the pedestrian pathway on Holbeach Avenue as this will prevent cars from driving into the park via the pedestrian pathways to the barbeque area.

I’ve written about this many times – the occasional paddock bashing, the visual assault of cars in the park, loud music from car radios which impacts everyone, car tyres chewing up the grass & leaving great ruts, damage to infrastructure & of course the danger to wildlife.  I’ve seen cars drive straight into a group of grazing Ibis for what seemed like fun.

Most people go to parks to get away from cars & noise.  Those that drive their cars into the park don’t care that their presence takes away from the enjoyment of others.  Council could so easily help the rest of us by stopping this behaviour. They also will benefit because damage to the park from vehicles will stop.

A bollard at each end of the pedestrian pathway through the Cooks River Valley Garden will prevent scenic joyrides through this section of the park

Cooks River Valley Garden – for about one month some people saw it as the place to test out their four-wheel-drive.  The bollards will help this place recuperate.