A beautiful big pile of plastic bottles, plus a plastic chair on the Canterbury side of the Cooks River next to the Illawarra Road Bridge. All these were collected from the muddy bank just below.


About 5-metres to the left of the pile of plastic bottles shown in the photo above a White-Faced Heron was foraging for food under the Illawarra Road Bridge. There are more bottles & tins around him.  Seeing wildlife like this reinforces the need to clean up their home.

For a few months now I have been noticing piles of dirty plastic bottles on both banks of the Cooks River.  It seems that some local hero is spending quite a bit of time collecting the bottles & other pieces of plastic litter & putting them in a pile ready for either Marrickville or Canterbury Council to remove them.

To whoever is doing this, I thank you.  You are one of those quiet achievers in the community whose work is largely unrecognized.  It’s hard & dirty work.

It is not uncommon to see both adults & children fling their plastic bottle away once they have emptied it.  Seeing the piles of bottles is a strong message to stop littering.  One bottle doesn’t look like much, but a pile does.

Two smaller piles of plastic bottles collected further up the river opposite Ewan Park.