Marrickville Council has put out for tender for a coffee truck to sell coffee to users of Steel Park.  What a great idea.

Recently Marrickville Council installed a covered area with tables & benches which is very sympathetic to the environment. I think it looks great & like that it does not impede the view of the river.

Showing the new tables & benches – a nice design too

On 15th July someone mentioned on Facebook the lack of a bubbler at Steel Park. By 17th July this beautiful bubbler & water dispenser was installed. That was quick!

Not quite a feature, but about a feature – I met this lovely woman who was part of a crew contracted to maintain the wetland area at Steel Park. She was busy dividing & transplanting grasses to fill in bare areas alongside the path. She told me they come monthly, weed, remove litter, replace & propagate plants & look after the landscaping. This area is a credit to Marrickville Council & to those who look after it. It has grown into something that is very beautiful & is attracting wildlife as well.

Showing one of the swales leading to the saltwater wetland at Steel Park. Two years ago this was a bitumen car park.

Another view of the restoration work at Steel Park.  I think it is an enormous improvement on what it was.

Lastly & just for fun, Steel Park is blooming with orange toadstools at the moment.