This verge garden in Stanmore is a great addition to the streetscape

This is a great video from the ABC about how Perth city intends to install more pop-up gardens, green walls & encourage community verge gardening to cool the city down.  Michael Mobbs who is doing this with his community in Chippendale Sydney & with the support of Sydney of Sydney Council (see – went over to Western Australia to advise on how to do this to City of Perth Council.

The video explains simply & in a nutshell why we need to green our streets & will likely enthuse you if you have been considering doing something with your own verge.

I believe that the more streets that are transformed, the happier the community in those streets will be. Verge gardening helps connect you with your neighbours & the wider community.  It provides cheap food if you grow veggies & herbs & also beauty softening the landscape.  It also cools the streets down saving money on cooling bills.

You can watch the video here – 6.5 minutes –

Streetside view of the same verge garden in Stanmore. It’s vibrant with life & colour. More verge gardens will soften our landscape & cool temperatures down. I look forward to the day when verge gardens are the norm.