This image of the Calvert Street car park from Marrickville Council’s ‘Your Future Your Say’ website is labeled – ‘MDCP 2011 master plan.’

The two documents on the Marrickville Council’s ‘Your Future Your Say’ website for the Illawarra Road & Calvert Street Marrickville say –

  • The map – “Illawarra Road – MDCP 2011 master plan (Marrickville Road to Byrnes Street.”
  • The yellow diagram – “Illawarra Road – MDCP 2011 master plan image (Cnr Illawarra Road and Calvert Street – looking from Calvert Street north up Illawarra Lane.”

It seems the website mis-describes where Council’s mind is at.

The Acting Manager Corporate Development at Marrickville Council left the following comment on my post Public Domain Study dated 26th July 2012 – See

“Hi everyone 
I just wanted to let you know that the drawing showing the palm trees is just an artists impression. There are no plans by Council to remove any trees from the Calvert Street car park. The drawings are really just meant to prompt ideas and get conversations started about the public domain strategy. We’re very happy to get your feedback about this via the Public Domain Strategy Your Say site and we’ll take the comments posted here on board as well! Cheers”

Well, that’s a relief.

Here is the link to the ‘Your Future Your Say’ website –