Showing the row of 11 new Euclyptus maculata trees lining the path on the cemetery wall side of Camperdown Memorial Rest Park

Recently we went to have a look at Camperdown Memorial Rest Park & saw that Marrickville Council has almost completed the work advertised in their Concept Plan.  See –

Three new trees have been planted in the treed area nearest Church Street & the whole area has been re-mulched.  Impressive was the row of 11 new trees planted adjacent to the historic sandstone cemetery wall of the St Stephens Church Cemetery & the footpath.

I stopped writing here to read my October 2011 post on the Concept Plan to find the name of these trees & suddenly lost my enthusiasm.  According to the Concept Plan, 17 Eucalyptus maculata trees were to be planted, not 11.

I really do like to write about the good things Marrickville Council is doing for the environment, but keep coming across things that could be much better, I disagree with or as in this case, shortchange the community.

In my previous post I wrote – Euclyptus maculata can grow to 50-metres, though the fact sheet says, “Spotted gums are tall trees on favourable sites, usually attaining 35–45 m in height & 1–1.3 m diameter at breast height over bark.  Exceptional specimens may reach 70 m in height & 3m diameter at breast height. On drier & poorer sites they may be 20–35 m in height or even smaller on exposed coastal headlands.” 

So these are big impressive trees & shortchanging us of 6 trees will make a significant difference.  What was noticeable at Camperdown Memorial Rest Park was that the new trees had been planted in exact distances from each other.  This makes me feel sure that Council will not be squeezing in 6 trees at a later date to make up the promised number.  If they did, uneven spacing would result whereas the Concept Plan shows a canopy that evenly meets from one tree to the next.

Such a shame.

Showing the 3 new trees on the Church Street side of Camperdown Memorial Rest Park

A side view of the above photo showing the mulched area where 3 new trees were planted