Looking into Warburton Street you can see these are imporatnt trees for the area

A couple of weekends ago I was taken to see work being done around a street tree in Warburton Street Marrickville.  Prior to this a number of people had alerted me to what Marrickville Council is doing here. I was very pleased to see such interest in the welfare of a street tree & to know that I am not alone in seeing these particular trees as special in the area.

Warburton Street has two very large Fig trees planted in the road with angle parking between them.  I highly doubt trees like these would be planted these days.  They provide much shade & beauty & are visible from busy Illawarra Road, which is severely lacking in green.

Google map showing the Fig trees. This area of Marrickville does not have many street trees.

Both trees are unusual in that they have been provided with quite substantial protection from cars with a largish area given to them & surrounded by an attractive small brick boundary.  This could be old as it reminds me of the brick kerbs in some streets of Tempe.

Marrickville Council removed the brickwork that surrounded one of the trees & replaced it, laying new bitumen around this & on the footpath adjacent to the tree.  What excited people is that Council have created a new space for a verge garden where a large root intrudes onto the footpath.  This is excellent as some Councils have been known to shave off ground-level roots from Fig trees.

The footpath is wide enough for a verge garden & will look much nicer for having one.  The important root is allowed to remain & the tree will not be damaged, made unstable or put under any undue stress.

I visited again today & the root had been covered in fresh soil. Shade-loving plants have been planted both in the space around the tree & in the verge garden.  Thank you to Marrickville Council for your work to preserve this wonderful tree. There are many in the community who are really happy about this.

Marrickville Council have created a verge garden where a root has encroached onto the footpath area.

Council also extended the area around the tree & rebuilt the brick boundary giving more room for surface roots.