Isn’t this a wonderful sight. Photo by Liz with thanks.

Recently there were a number of sightings of a seal in the Cooks River as far down as Ewan Park.  I tried many times, but I was never able to set eyes on him.  Once I thought I did & the rush of excitement was wonderful. Only a minor letdown when focusing I realized it was a red retriever dog having a swim.  He was blissful, swimming back & forth in the river at Kendrick Park.  So despite the best wishing on my part, no seal was sighted. I remain very disappointed about this.

During this time I received an email with a fantastic photo of a seal frolicking in Pittwater in the northern suburbs of Sydney.  No, it’s not a tree, or anything to do with trees, but seeing a seal in Pittwater is pretty special & it will have to do because the Cooks River seal seems to have moved on.

Many thanks to Liz for sharing her photo with me & allowing me to post it here.

Just for a moment I thought I had finally spotted the Cooks River seal.