This is how this section of Marrickville Road looked before these 2 Tulip trees were removed

This is how the same section of Marrickville Road looks now.

In March 2012 I wrote about the removal of 2 Tulip street trees (Liriodendron tulipifera) in Marrickville Road shopping strip –   Marrickville Council said they had to remove the trees because, “Civil works are required to upgrade the stormwater system, which incorporates construction of a large diameter pipe to alleviate flooding, & repair of the adjacent footpath.”   They also said they would replace the trees with 2 other Tulip trees, but not when they would do this.

Last week I saw that the works had finished & Nandinas had been planted, but no street trees. There are 5 Nandina plants in one verge garden & 6 in the other.

This section used to be quite attractive.  The 2 Tulip trees offered lovely dappled shade in summer.  There was a bench seat, plus a hedged garden around the trees filled in with Bird of Paradise plants (Strelitzia).  This effect was repeated directly across the road so visually we were treated to a much-needed burst of green reaching 3-storeys high on either side of Marrickville Road.  This was the leafier end of Marrickville Road & to me, looked much nicer due to the presence of the trees.

Perhaps Marrickville Council will plant replacement trees during the 2013 planting season or perhaps this is how it will remain.

A row of Nandinas in the middle of a verge has also been planted in the verge near the corner of Addison & Illawarra Roads Marrickville.  It comes down to personal taste, but to me, these are very uninspiring plants, especially when surrounded by woodchip.  I understand why they are used as they are incredibly tough plants.

This is the newly planted verge garden on Addison Road Marrickville. It too has 6 Nandinas in a bed of woodchip. The 3 planter boxes further along the footpath were planted out by the newsagent here who continues to look after them.