Lovely Wattle flower has a beautiful distinctive perfume

I came across this recipe for making Wattle perfume on the National Library of Australia’s Trove website.   It was from Friday 22nd August 1896 & printed in the Traralgon Record.  Trove is an excellent site for all sorts of wonderful things.

The recipe –

“The blossoms gathered after sundown, carefully separated from stalks & leaves, are macerated in virgin olive oil of very fine quality at ordinary temperature for twenty-four hours, after which they are strained out & pressed, fresh flowers being added.

This operation is repeated for seven days. 

One part of this perfumed oil is macerated with one part of pure spirit at 60 per cent over proof for seven days, being frequently agitated.

Lastly, the oil is allowed to separate, and the spirit (which has become perfume) carefully poured off.”

Wattle is flowering now, though the season is nearly over, so if you want to try this recipe, gather your ingredients quickly.  I think the scent of Wattle is gorgeous. The leftover olive oil would probably make a nice massage oil or foot oil once strained of Wattle flowers.   I also think this process could be used as a recipe process for other flowers like Lavender.  Happy brewing & be sure to use a glass container.