To me Enmore Park appears to have become much busier since the opening of the Annette Kellerman Pool & Petty Cash Cafe

This is an interesting article from Grist titled, ‘Prescription for healthier humans: More time at the park.’

Essentially the article says there is a much greater rate of patronage in parks when Councils spend money to create activities & things for people to do.  This is important because of the increased rates of obesity & other illnesses in the population, especially children.

Parks are a part of our healthcare system…. green spaces are crucial to solving hypertension, anxiety, depression, diabetes — the diseases of indoor living. 50 percent of all vigorous activity occurs in parks. Unfortunately, that doesn’t say much, because “hardly anyone engages in vigorous activity anymore.” For boys, the average is two minutes a day, and for girls, just one minute a day.”  (This was a US study).

It seems that people are reluctant to go to the park if there is nothing for them to do there.  Staying at home offers more access to easy entertainment & much of that is sedentary.