Garden beds have been created infront of the cul-de-sac & beside the school fence. The kids might use these rocks as a place to sit in the shade.

I recently came across a wonderful new project by Marrickville Council at the top of Kintore Street Dulwich Hill where it meets Hercules Street.  Sometime ago, the road was blocked & the space reclaimed to make a pocket park.

Google Street View taken around 2000-2002 in the photo below shows it to be a drab hot grassed space with a path, a couple of trees & a couple of park benches.  It wasn’t at all attractive.

With this recent work Council has planted 2 new trees in the centre area & placed 2 park benches next to trees. This will eventually provide shaded seating, which is always a good thing.  Another park bench has been placed beside a mature tree at the side nearest the school.

The grassed section remains, though it is new turf.  A number of garden beds surrounded by attractive sandstone barriers have been created.  These mimic the sandstone barriers in historic parks across the municipality.   The plants are grasses & other plants like Coastal Rosemary.  These too will look good once they have grown.  A couple of other trees have been planted in the garden beds.

Photos do much more justice than my words. Suffice to say that this is a big improvement to the local area & once grown should look terrific.

Google Street View image taken around 2000-2002. It was a space of great potential.

Council has created a garden bed at the street side as well as along the school fence & infront of the cul-de-sac. Decorative sandstone edging defines the space. The orange barrier will remain presumably until the lawn gets established & may have already been removed.

Side view of the grassed space with 2 new trees

New seat that gets afternoon shade. The garden beds are new.

The new landscaping at the end of the cul-de-sac