Both the street tree & private tree here in Livingstone Road Marrickville are beautiful & bring much to the streetscape.

Every now & then someone writes to me saying their neighbour wants to build a new fence & has asked them to remove one or more trees on their property. They are always distressed about the impending loss of the trees & often fully aware of the impact this loss will have on their property value & their health, especially if they live on a road with a reasonable amount of traffic.

Trees are one of the commonest causes of conflict between neighbours so when I saw what had been done around this gorgeous tree on private property in Livingstone Road Marrickville I was pleasantly surprised.   A new front & side fence was built around the property next to the tree.  The neighbour’s lovely old tree had encroached into their property over the years & was now in the way of the fence line.

There would be many who would have wanted their neighbour’s tree removed for the sake of their fence.  Instead, they did some creative work to build a beautiful new fence to accommodate the beautiful old tree & it works.  What they did may be simple, but this really doesn’t happen often.

The tree itself brings many benefits to both properties, including significant monetary value as these properties are worth much more with the tree than without.  It was a sensible decision & one that shows great cooperation between neighbours.  The community too benefits by having this beautiful tree in the streetscape, as well as the benefits of carbon sequestration & air pollution removal.

Everyone is a winner here & I wish this kind of cooperation & creative thinking were the norm.  Fences do not need to be uniform to work or to look good & trees bring far more value than fences.

Showing the creative work to build a fence around the neighbour’s tree that encroached on the fence line. I think it looks great.