My neighbour has a lovely family tradition of planting what they call a blossom tree for each major family occasion, including when a loved one dies. When spring arrives & the tree blossoms they regard this a time to remember & rejoice.

I discovered an article in Time about the ultra-sustainable ‘Bio Urn.’    Created by designers Martin Azua & Gerard Moline, the Bio Urn is a fantastic way to add to the environment after death as the person’s cremated remains are used to grow a tree.

The ashes get packed into a cardboard cylinder that looks like a paper milkshake container.  This is filled with a mix of coconut shell, compacted peat & cellulose.

People can choose which species of tree seeds they wish to have included in the urn.  The cremated remains provide phosphorus, which is a natural fertilizer.

So instead of a tombstone or a brass urn sitting on a loved one’s mantelpiece, you can help grow a big beautiful tree for people to remember you by.  No need even to pay for burial plots.  I think it’s a great idea.  It would be nice for at least some parts of cemeteries to become forests.  I don’t think this is available in Australia – yet, though it should be.