Driving through Kensington today I saw a number of great verge gardens.   It is incredible the positive difference it makes to walk along a street that looks like this.  I imagine it would be even nicer on a hot summer day.

These particular verge gardens also provide sources of food & habitat for wildlife, which is becoming increasingly important as biodiversity is lost.  No doubt verge gardens like this have a positive impact on property values as well & they benefit the whole streetscape.

Fig trees in the background & a verge garden that creeps around the corner. This is what caught my eye.

Street trees surrounded by a mix of exotics & natives, with planting along the property fence as well. I thought this looked beautiful.

Staghorn ferns were attached to a street tree.

It was very pleasant to walk along here.

Another verge garden further along the same street has a totally different feel.  The flowers springing up in the cracks along the front fence are a very nice touch.

Mounds of native grasses also soften the landscape. Note that the soil is pure sand.

Hardy flowering plants in unusual places were particularly effective.